In Kativasthi Treatment specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the lower back with herbal paste boundary. Through the ayurveda kativasthi treatment effective relief is provided for all types of back pain and spinal disorders.

Our highly skilled professionals from Ayurveda Hospital, take utmost care of the individuals in this kativasthi therapy and make their best effort in getting rid of complications. This program kativasthi treatment in Calicut aims to rejuvenate the body in an apt manner with extreme reliability and credibility.

Duration : One hour

Course : 7 to 14 days

Benefits :
Relieves pain.

Indicated in low back-ache, spinal disorders like disc prolapsed, dislocation & degeneration.

Disclaimer: The complete effectiveness of our treatment methods cannot be guaranteed or vouchsafed as the medical condition of a person is a matter of utmost sensitivity which also hinges on numerous factors that are outside our control. The result of the treatment methods could vary from person to person.

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